Support Sandy Pond SC

The Sandy Pond Soccer Club relies on contributions from its volunteer players and coaches. We are seeking to raise funds to cover our initial costs, buy equipment, and organize our first few soccer events. The goal is to minimize the direct costs to the players, especially the youth program. Our games and programs are priced to cover costs and modestly add to the club's budget in order to operate with stability. With support from the community, we can turn it into much more.

Subsequent funding and sponsorships will go towards improving the players' experience, expanding the roster, and licensing more coaches.

In addition to covering the costs to play, we are hoping to provide our youth players with jerseys, assist with purchasing cleats, and provide healthy snacks and drinks.

Soccer jerseys and T-Shirts are a great advertising opportunity, promote your business with an equipment sponsorship.

Support a volunteer club that spreads the game of soccer in our community and provides kids with an opportunity to learn and grow through playing soccer.

Follow the donation instructions below or contact to contribute or discuss a sponsorship or fundraising opportunity for the club.