Train with the Directors, Coaches, and Players of a Full Adult Soccer Club

Currently Offering Private Lessons, Youth Teams and Youth Academy Under Construction

A Youth to Adult Player Pathway for Everyone

A Training Program That's Growing with the Club

"I got 1 on 1 time and I was able to ask to work on the things that I specifically needed to improve." 

"The sessions are great!  He definitely improved his play. He loved going to the sessions, he had fun and improved his game." 

Sandy Pond SC is aiming to take youth training up a level in 2024. In addition to working 1-1 or in small groups at local fields, after practice, and in the off-season

Participating players reported improvements in their touches, passing, shooting, dribbling, an improved weak-foot, an understanding of space and pressure, and overall game-sense.

 We're now building with more coaches, including partnering with experienced professionals who offer expertise in soccer and athletics as a whole.

We're also planning to train new coaches and offer more players the opportunity to improve at any stage of their career.

As our increased coaching network brings in new players, we're hoping to soon offer larger scale training options, including clinics, camps, coached scrimmages, and more.